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Riding school

Riding school

Basic riding lessons - 10 / 45-minute lessons

Basic training includes:

  • Becoming familiar with the horse
  • Grooming and tacking the horse
  • Proper mounting of the horse and steering (giving commands)
  • riding in a walk, based on individual competence, starting to trot.

A larger number of lessons are performed within the fenced area, and based on individual competence, cross-country riding lessons are introduced.

Recreational riding school - 20 / 45-minute lessons

During recreational riding school, the following skills are mastered:

  • handling the horse
  • grooming and tacking the horse
  • proper mounting on the horse and steering (giving commands)
  • riding in walk
  • riding in trot (light riding and sitting trot)
  • riding in gallop.

The concept the school is to combine lessons in the fenced area, and perfecting those techniques during cross-country riding.

Riding experience: no experience or little experience

Age: 8+

Group: 1-4 persons

Clothing and footwear: Protective helmets obligatory (provided). Riding equipment recommended (but not obligatory). Riders must be dressed in long trousers and appropriate footwear (e.g. sneakers, walking shoes, etc.).

Rider weight: max 90 kg (two persons up to 100 kg may be in a group)

Pre-booking for “Riding school”

Pre-booking for “Riding school”