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Half-day tours

Half-day tours

Half-day tours are intended for riders who master walking and trotting to be able to follow the planned pace for such distances.

A half-day tour includes approximately 4 hours of riding (20-25 km). Coffee and cakes served in the restaurant during the break.

The routes of the half-day tours predominantly lead through the woodlands, with beautiful views of the Plitvice Valleys area.

The route is selected based on the riding skills of participants and weather conditions.

Route A (20 km)

Route B (20 km)

Riding experience: intermediate, advanced and experienced riders
Riding experience (minimum walking and trotting) and good riding conditions.

Age: 12+

Group: 2-4 persons

Clothing and footwear: Protective helmets obligatory (provided). Riding equipment recommended (but not obligatory). Riders must be dressed in long trousers and appropriate footwear (e.g. sneakers, walking shoes, etc.). Rain cloak recommend (in case of rain).

Rider weight: max 90 kg

When booking, the questionnaire must be completed with precise indications of riding experience so the guides can plan the route and pace for the group.

Pre-booking for "Half-day tours"

Pre-booking for "Half-day tours"