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Several day riding tours (trekking)

Several day riding tours (trekking)

Several day riding tours (trekking) are intended exclusively for excellent riders who have mastered all the riding techniques (walk, trot, gallop) and in good fitness in order to be able to cover the planned distances of 30–45 km per day, with altitude difference of 400–600 m.

Distances of 30–45 km daily are covered (6–8 hours of riding), passing by nearby destinations in the surroundings of Plitvice Lakes National Park. Lunch is served outdoors (lunch packages) during the break.

We offer riding activities from 2-5 riding days in the Plitvice Lakes National Park environs.

A combination of two-day tour and/or one and a half-day tours.

Two-day tour

A two-day tour includes two days of riding with 6–8 hours (35 – 45 km) daily. During the tour, food and beverages are organised for riders, with a guide and logistics person. Overnight accommodation with dinner and breakfast organised in private accommodations.

A two-day tour passes through nature around the edges of Plitvice Lakes National Park in the municipalities of Rakovica, Plitvička jezera, Saborsko and Vrhovine.

One-day tour routes

Route C (36 km)

Route D (40 km)

Route E (36 km)

Route F (32 km)

Half-day tour routes

Route A (20 km)

Route B (20 km)

Riding experience: Advanced-level and experienced riders

Complete riding experience (walk, trot, gallop) and good fitness level. When booking, the questionnaire must be completed with precise indications of riding experience so the guides can plan the route and pace for the group.

Age: 14+

Group: 2-4 persons

Clothing and footwear: Protective helmets obligatory (provided). Riding equipment required (riding jodhpurs, boots, helmet, gloves) and mandatory rain cloak in case of rain. Appropriate spare clothes appropriate for the weather conditions.

Rider weight: max 90 kg

Pre-booking for “Multi-day riding tours (trekking)”

Pre-booking for “Multi-day riding tours (trekking)”